We are part of a global effort to support innovation that tackles social and environmental issues and help increase the scale and effectiveness of impact investing.

Our alliances are with individuals and organization, including;  financial institutions, family offices, private investors and foundations that demonstrate leadership and celebrate excellence in responsible business.

Be Remarkable Community

We serve as a community for innovative groups, working on exceptional projects, including social entrepreneurs, technologist and global development groups.

“If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It”

This management thinking also applies to startup ecosystem development where key performance indicators (KPIs) play a vital role in startup ecosystem development.

KPIs enable economic development organizations and support providers to be aligned and validated to be working towards common goals and make highly informed financial decisions, helping them analysing their performance against logically defined KPIs – to easily assess what is and isn’t working and adjust their activities and plans accordingly.

Effective use of KPIs and adopting a “KPIs first” approach in planning and development can significantly improve support function and ecosystem development, ecosystem efforts alignment, expected short and long term outcomes and overall performance and return on efforts and investment.

Take the first steps towards defining and implementing the KPIs that matter for your ecosystem. 

Everyone in the ecosystem contributing for ecosystem output, should be pushing towards shared ecosystem level goals and milestones. This is the way to ensure best productivity and return of ecosystem development and support function investments.

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