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SeeMeFunded, founded by the Be Remarkable Group and the Be Sensitive Foundation, is a collaborative portal, marketing, media and funding resource service provider, sharing priorities and focus with some amazing communities, funding and media platforms.

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Be Remarkable Affiliate Funding Platforms

Bitbond is a global peer-to-peer online lending platform which allows you to earn high returns on your investments and help fund businesses globally with Bitbond’s dollar and bitcoin denominated loans.

Bitbond’s profitable bitcoin lending is the best way to profit from your hard earned bitcoins. As well as enjoying handsome interest rates, bitcoin lenders also have the luxury of investing around the globe, meaning that you, the bitcoin  investor, can help finance businesses from around the world for attractive returns.


Signing up only takes seconds and you could be making your first bitcoin investment in just a couple of minutes. Bitcoin lending at Bitbond is completely free, meaning that you will not have to pay any fees. 

Yalber has revolutionized the way businesses throughout the world get proper funding.

Yalber’s mission is to provide small businesses access to fast, unsecured working capital. Yalber was started with one vision- to create a company that helps business owners to succeed and conquer. From a one small office to multiple locations throughout the world; such as NYC and London.

Be Sensitive Affiliate Funding Platforms

0% interest loans for U.S. entrepreneurs

Are you a US based small business in need of a loan? Now you can fund your dream and change your life.

 Kiva is an international nonprofit, founded in 2005 in San Francisco, with a mission to expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive.

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Social fundraising that actually works for nonprofits.

CrowdRise unlocks our community’s potential by turning your donors into effective fundraisers on an optimized platform for social fundraising.

Unlock your community’s massive potential by turning your donors into DIY and peer-to-peer fundraisers on the most optimized platform for social fundraising.

Growfund, our exclusive donor fund provider, is a community-based, game-changing charitable giving tool that transforms your contributions into a lifetime’s worth of giving for your favorite causes.  

Growfund operates like a 401(k) or your personal foundation, with your funds able to be invested and grow over time so that you can make a difference in the biggest possible way.  You can make grants with as little as $25.  And, it’s yours to keep throughout your lifetime.

A donor advised fund also provides tax advantages

You can give strategically and with impact –you can start your own funding circle account for free.

Supporting U.S. teachers and students since 2000

The DonorsChoose Team has vetted and fulfilled over 600,000 classroom project requests that range from butterfly cocoons, to robotics kits.  Many of them are former teachers, so their operation feels like a cross between a startup and a schoolhouse.

Connecting the public to public schools

Be Sensitive is a behavior~Be Remarkable is a call to action.

Indiegogo crowdfunding: SeeMeBeRemarkable.net

Toniic’s, a financial ecosystem: SeeMeBeRemarkable.com.

Global Innovation Exchange: KeepOnBeingRemarkable.com 

Impact Investment Network: BeRemarkableMovement.com

UNLEASH, a non-profit started in 2017, is a global innovation lab of creative and innovative people.